Memento Dew Drops - available in many colours

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Memento Dew Drops is a colourfast 'dye' ink.

  • Waterbased 
  • Acid-free
  • Does not fade
  • Dries quickly on most paper surfaces
  • Perfect for detailed stamps
  • With the tip of the ink pad you can easily ink corners and details on your stamp, with the rest of the ink pad you can ink larger parts of your stamp.
  • Ideal ink in combination with markers

Tsukineko Memento stamp ink is an acid-free, water-based ink that dries quickly and does not fade. This dye ink produces a sharp, permanent stamp impression on virtually any kind of paper, therewith combining perfectly with watercolours and alcohol markers. The ink does not run when you paint over it with water or alcohol markers. This makes Memento ink a great basic stamping ink for a wide range of wet techniques as well as mixed media projects. The stamp pad is made of a sturdy felt ink pad with a layer of fabric on top. Memento is available in a variety of colours in both small and large stamp pads.