Memento Ink Pad - available in many colours

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Memento is a Dye ink, it's a quick drying ink that doesn't fade and gives a good coverage. The ink can also be used on glossy paper. 

The stamp pad has a solid felted surface with a tightly woven fabric top that does not fray when used directly on paper. It is a water-based ink which makes it suitable for coloring images with water and a brush. 

Characteristic Dye ink

  • Firm felt ink pad, feels like it has a little bite of fabric over the ink pad
  • The ink is thin and transparent
  • Absorbs into the paper
  • Dries very quick
  • The color of the print is most of the time darker than the color on the ink pad 
  • It's a bite more difficult to see if your stamp is well inked
  • On darker paper (such as craft paper) is the print less visable because it absorbs in to the paper 
  • Not suitable for heat embossing

Available in many colours