Kuretake - Gansai Tambi - Metallic Sets - Opal Colours

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  • The Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese watercolours is a colourful gem colour that shines brilliantly and elegantly. It can be used by both professional artists and novices for any work such as sketching, illustration, sumi, manga and calligraphy. It is a water-based pigment, non-toxic, hi-opaque, lightfast, xylene-free and odourless. Every watercolour block is in an individual tray and can be removed from the palette during use.

    This set includes six colours: Opal Blue (No. 663), Opal Copper (No. 692), Opal Gold (No. 695), Opal Green (No. 651), Opal Pink (No. 634), and Opal Violet (No. 638).


    • Water-based pigment watercolour, great for sketching, illustration, sumi, manga and calligraphy
    • Non-toxic, hi-opaque, lightfast, xylene-free and odourless
    • Individual tray for each watercolour block