Peel-Off Stickers Dream Catchers

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The dream catchers made from the stickers will not catch dreams, but are beautiful to use as decoration, on the wall, in front of the window, in the nursery.

Dream Catchers peel-off's, or also dream catchers are large stickers to make a pendant with. They can also be used as decoration on canvas or a large card. You can combine it endlessly by using different types of materials such as rope, cord, beads, real feathers and anything that gives a nice effect.

Dream Catchers peel-off's are available in large format in 3 designs and 3 colors; black, dark red and dark turquoise and are great fun to make.

They are delivered individually packed each with a transparent sheet.

The Dream Catchers range available in 5 packages with different colour combinations:

  • Black Mandela and Feathers
  • Black Sun
  • Black Feathers
  • Turquoise Feathers
  • Turquoise Sun

Each pack contains: 1 large sheet Dream Catchers peel-off stickers 20 x 23 cm / 8 x 9 inch and 1 transparent sheet A4 size.