Studio Light • By Laurens Clear Stamp Chilling Sloth

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The Studio Light Chilling Sloth Clear Stamp is a clear, polymer stamp measuring approximately 2.48 x 3.58 inches. The stamp features a relaxed sloth sitting on his own little private island, surrounded by palm trees and foliage. The island is complete with a palm tree, and in the background, you can see the sun and birds flying above. The sloth is enjoying his leisure time with a sunhat on his head, playing guitar, and chewing on a piece of grass. This stamp is perfect for creating charming and laid-back projects, such as cards, scrapbook pages, or even decorations. To use the stamp, simply attach it to a clear acrylic block, apply ink to the stamp, and then press it onto your desired surface. The clear, polymer material ensures that you can see exactly where you are stamping, and the resulting stamped image will be crisp and detailed. With this stamp, you can bring a touch of relaxation and calmness to your crafting projects. Designed by Laurens Van Gurp.